About us

The company's current site at White Horse Business Park in Trowbridge, where Meiyume (UK) Ltd continues to innovate, develop and produce an exciting portfolio of high quality health and beauty products; covering skincare, cosmetics, bodycare, toiletry, suncare and haircare. From this one UK site, Meiyume continues to provide a comprehensive service to a range of significant, successful and loyal customers, from the development of "blue-sky" concepts to the delivery of the highest quality goods.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to innovation and cutting edge production techniques and in our development of premium and added value products, building brand excellence with our valued customers.
Today, Meiyume is a firmly established, well balanced creator and manufacturer of premium products in the dynamic Beauty market.


Meiyume (UK) Ltd is a Li & Fung company www.lifung.com
Registered in England & Wales 00483352
VAT No: GB460 8287 34